Foundation Showdown: Makeup Forever HD vs Face Atelier

Silicone based foundations have been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason! My favorites and a few stars in my personal makeup kit as well as my professional have been the Makeup Forever HD Foundation and the Face Atelier HD Ultra Pro Foundation. Both are silicone based cosmetics that have been used […]

skinny shaming

Skinny Shaming: A Skinny Girl’s Perspective

In a time where curves are celebrated rather than disgraced, our society has run into a rather new problem: Skinny shaming. This is the act of victimizing someone for their thin or skinny body frame, and its not okay. In recent months, lyrics from Nikki Minaj to Meagan Trainor have been criticized for shaming those […]

skin care tips for cold weather

Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

Winter is upon us! Which means snowball fights, s’mores, and a whole new seasonal skin care regiment. Colder weather is great for cuddling up with your special someone, but if your skin is more sandpaper than silky smooth, the only someone special you’ll be snuggling fire-side with will be yourself. We’re here to help you out […]