How to Take a Good Selfie

Walking through the mall your super cute friend says “Wait, lemme take a selfie!” Within minutes it has hundreds of likes on Instagram and Facebook, and there’s a good possibility someone famous just retweeted it. Your selfies usually just get sympathy comments from your mom. The selfie struggle is real, but with a few tips and tricks you too can step up your selfie game to Instagram celebrity level.

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1. Lighting
Lighting is important. Good lighting can make you look 10 years younger and 20 pounds thinner. The right light will brighten your photos for a crisper image while still flattering your features in all the right ways. Make sure the selfie is snapped someplace bright and well-lit. Poor lighting means blurry, low quality images, even if you turned the flash on.

2. Angles Matter
When taking a selfie always make sure that your camera is at eye level or higher. The higher the camera, the slimmer you’ll appear. Taking a photo from eye level or above will lengthen your face and your neck, giving the illusions of a slender face and neck.

3. Wear the right outfit
When you look good, you feel good. And since a selfie is an expression of ourselves when we feel the best, wearing something that makes you feel sexy and sultry will have your selfie at star status in no time. The outfit you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be form fitting, but it should be something that flatters your figure while still being comfortable.

4. Full Body Shots
No, we’re not referring to what happens at the bar after midnight. Full body shot selfies are great for showing off your amazing outfit, your rockin’ body, and your gorgeous personality. Not sure if you have a rockin’ body? Do you have a body? Do you rock it? Congratulations. You have a rockin’ body. There is no need for over exaggerated poses, simply stand tall with your head held high and bask in your awesomeness.

5. Photo filters and apps are your friend
I use photo apps and filters frequently. Isn’t that the whole point of Instagram? I can guarantee almost all photos on Instagram or Facebook, celebrity or not, have used some sort of filter or editing, even if it’s tagged #NoFilter. Some of the apps I use are Instasize, Cropvideo and PhotoLab which all allow you to upload full size videos and photos (which is great for full body shots). To edit photos or frame them, I prefer PicFrame, Over, Studio, and the always popular VSCOcam.

 Now that you’ve unlocked the secret of the selfie, tweet us your favorite #DMSelfie!

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