Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

skin care tips for cold weather

Winter is upon us! Which means snowball fights, s’mores, and a whole new seasonal skin care regiment. Colder weather is great for cuddling up with your special someone, but if your skin is more sandpaper than silky smooth, the only someone special you’ll be snuggling fire-side with will be yourself. We’re here to help you out with some simple skin care tips for cold weather.

skin care tips for cold weather1. Keep Skin Smooth with Cocoa Butter or Aloe

Lotions with Cocoa Butter or Aloe will smooth dry skin and leave it softer longer than regular lotions. The natural moisturizing power of cocoa butter and aloe sooth dry, cracked skin, as well as smell delicious! The best products I’ve found are the Vaseline line of Intensive Care products. They are budget friendly and only cost a few dollars.

lip-balm2. Use Protection for Kissable Lips

Harsh weather can wreak havoc on your normally pristine pout. To prevent chapping and cracking pucker up with your favorite lip moisturizer before bed. There are plenty of options from less expensive brands like Chapstick or Nivea to the more high end options you can purchase through The Body Shop or Sephora. Find the product that works the best for you, so when it’s time to share a smooch with that special someone under the mistletoe, you won’t be left hanging!

freeman3. Treat Your Feet

When trading in your adorable sandals for warm winter boots, it’s easy to neglect your pedicure. If you have issues with dry feet, soak your toes in warm water in the evening and use a pumice stone for extra exfoliation. Then apply your favorite extra moisturizing lotion and put on a warm pair of socks. Not only does this help keep skin soft, but it’s also a great way to treat yourself after a long day.

skin care tips for cold weather

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

4. Humidifiers are Heavenly

Once cold weather sets in, and the heat turns on, the humidity that helps your skin retain it’s moisture overnight is suddenly non-existent. A humidifier in the bedroom will help keep your moisturizer and lip balms working all night long. Added bonus: Humidifiers minimize the possibility of waking up with scratchy throats and aggravated sinuses.

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