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Artistry Concealer Stick

Artistry Concealer Stick available at Seven Halos


I struggle with dark under eye circles. In some part, it’s due to genetics, but mostly it is because of the lack of sleep you get when you are running a company. Being in and out of weather that has no idea if it wants to be Winter or a Summer monsoon doesn’t help either.

I have to look awake and put together when dealing with clients and contacts, so I’m an avid fan of the Artistry Concealer Stick ($22). It was an excellent addition to my makeup arsenal as an eye-foundation and full-coverage concealer combo. My eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara last all day long with this as a base.

I use the tan shade and it is the only one I’ve ever bought more than one of (I’m currently on my third). Each tube lasts roughly 7-8 months for me, since I typically apply with a brush to prevent from going go overboard. Again, it is FULL coverage.

Like most other concealers, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and discoloration, bla, bla. But! It is also formulated for longer wear and has elements to help neutralize free radicals. That’s pretty damn awesome.

Pros of Artistry Concealer Stick:

Sleek, stick packaging makes it portable
Easy to use, twist-up method
5 different shades available that suit most skin colors
Full coverage
Brilliantly conceals dark circles, discoloration and  blemishes
Brightens skin tone
Sun Protection SPF 15
Light weight
Long lasting

Cons of Artistry Concealer Stick:

Application is a little difficult if you are not used to a full coverage product
A bit on the dry side although NOT drying to skin

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