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Looking for a new stylist with an expertise in color can be a daunting task. Entrusting your mane in the wrong hands can lead to disastrous results, and honey, no one wants to end up being the butt of someone’s joke on a “ratchet” meme on Instagram.

This is why I will never leave the hands of Flame.

Flame has been my go-to colorist for about 7 years now. We have developed a special relationship built on trust–after all, he was the first to cut and style my long hair into a red mohawk. I wanted an extreme change, but was nervous at first. With encouraging words and thorough details on the process, Flame delivered on his promise to make me fabulous.

While my mother fainted at the time, I was extremely happy with the results. Flame helped create a look I could be proud of and reflected who I was. Flame has been doing hair, specializing in color and extensions since 1992, and his experience shows. If you live in NYC or plan on traveling here and need a new color done by a hair guru, then I highly suggest you go see see Flame.

Flame’s love for a good makeover dates back to when he was 5 years old and decided Barbie needed a new look. With the help of food coloring, sharpies, and the inspiration of Jem and The Holograms, he gave Barbie a bolder, brighter new ‘do.

As a pre-teen, he discovered the radical hair coloring product based out of NYC, Manic Panic. The creators of this product wanted to give daring people the opportunity to achieve the hair colors mostly worn by the underground punk rock scene. Flame was drawn to Manic Panic’s Fire Red and began to ditch school so he could spread the love of color to the hair of his friends. This hair rebel realized, once he graduated, it was only logical to pursue hair styling professionally.

Flame2When he was about 20 yrs old, the first salon he worked at was Dramatics NYC. Their gimmick was to give everyone a theatrical stage name. Seeing as their new employee rocked fiery red hair and a flaming personality, they named him Flame. And he owned that persona!

Flame became known for dancing in sexy outrageous outfits while he works his magic. There are times I can fully expect to walk into his salon and see him scantily-clad in booty shorts. His uninhibited energy and style calms even the most nervous of clients. It has always been his goal to make your transformation a celebratory experience. Plus the glass of wine he gives you while under the dryer with the music pumping, will get you hot enough to want to take off your own clothes and match this naked hair stylist. And given the always guaranteed awesome results, you’ll be thankful you were invited you to the party.

Flame and Azealia Banks

Flame and Azealia Banks

Flame has styled for celebrities, including NYC’s own Azealia Banks. He has also worked with celebrity designer, Patricia Field, known for her work with Sex in the City.

Aside from working behind the chair in different salons, Flame has done hair for runway fashion events, movies, music videos, live concert events, red carpet events, and fashion magazines. He has also styled hair for promo ads for Prada and Dior. He has been featured in V magazine, Italian vogue, Metro News, and the NY Post.

Currently, you can find Flame working at Estilo Salon, NYC. He tells me he loves this salon because the talented staff is great to work with and they allow him the flexibility to travel.

Through his work, Flame has made many international friends and has become a world traveler himself. Last year alone he traveled to several countries, including Japan and India, often staying with international friends he initially met as clients. He also tends to gain new clientele while traveling.

I feel there is a lot to be said about a colorist who, not only has loyal local clients, but clients from all over the world, making special trips to NYC just so Flame can give their hair color a hot new look.

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