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Spring is coming, which means many people are hoping to be reborn. Diets are begun, gym memberships extended in preparation for bikini season, and closets are cleaned out all in the spirit of renewal and rebirth. If you’re like me, though, and want instant gratification towards the “New You” head for the easiest route: Your Hair. A DIY Hair make-over is just the thing for spring.



Changing your hair is liberating, as well as the safest alternative for a new look; which is why last year, after spending the previous six years with long auburn locks, I decided to go blonde. The idea was to get to drool worthy levels of ombre, which I had found myself stalking on Pinterest. So: I saved my money, did some research, and headed to the salon. I was going to be a new and improved Rachel, ready for the runway for my Fall wedding in 2014.

What actually happened was a complete and total nightmare that cost me almost half of what our wedding actually did, spanning almost my entire year.

If you’re interested in the detailed version of my Salon Nightmare, check out this post at my personal blog. If you’re more curious as to how I survived a year worth of a dead hair, lost length, and continually brassy tones, keep reading. I’m about to share some truth that most hairstylists don’t want you to hear:

 It’s okay to do it yourself.

(It’s also hella cheaper.)

Disclaimer: I am not a hairstylist in any way, shape, or form. Just because these tricks worked for me, does not mean that they will work for you, and I definitely recommend that if you’re too nervous or uncomfortable by the idea of cutting and/or coloring your own hair, then don’t do it. Seriously; it’s that simple. I’d also just like to say that hair grows back and if it doesn’t or your chop job is too horrid and the clippers must come out, well: wigs are severely unappreciated for as awesome as they are.

Step 1: Heal

  • My go-to treatment to heal my hair at any point in time is to do a Coconut Oil mask. Melt the oil, coat your hair, and let it sit for awhile — for me, there is no time limit. When you’re ready, jump in the shower and wash it out with shampoo, and voila! Strength! Shine! Health!
  • I also recommend using a leave-in conditioner that helps fortify hair, AND protects it from heat and UV rays. My go-to’s are Beauty Protector and Healthy Sexy Hair — they both have a great smell, and leave very little build up over time. Not to mention how soft my hair feels when I use them.

Step 2: Color

  • If you want to color your hair, but you don’t want to spend an obnoxious amount of money to do it, break the Hairstylist’s rule and do it yourself. I swear by John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour. It’s a miracle worker in my opinion, and extremely easy to use. If you don’t trust the basic guidelines, then search on YouTube — there are TONS of tutorials on how to get the best color for your product.
  • It also goes without saying that once your start coloring your hair, you need to take care of it. I recommend the Biolage Hair Color Treatment set for Shampoo & Conditioner. If you have a Beauty Brands store in your area, these are completely worth it during their liter sale; one liter will last you an entire year, I swear.
  • Another way to keep your color looking amazing? Gloss! John Frieda recently started curating their own glosses. I refuse to live without them.


Step 3: Cut

  • The first step in cutting your hair is making sure you have the right tools: I definitely recommend splurging on a pair of shears and taking care of them (i.e. don’t use them to cut open plastic things; hair only!). You can a decent pair at your local drugstore for less than $10.
  • I recently cut my hair by myself using this amazing tutorial; not only was it extremely easy, but it’s probably the best hairstyle I’ve ever had.
  • Just want to try bangs? Check out this tutorial by The Glossdiy hair make-over
  • Our beauty online bible, Pinterest, is littered with tutorials on how to cut your hair any which way. Figure out what you’re wanting, and start searching!

If you’re looking for a new you for spring, a new hairstyle always works. Whether you decide to go the DIY hair make-over route or head to the salon, a new cut or color can make you feel like you’ve been reborn.




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