nikki byline picNikki Lynette Founder – “Everybody loves me. Nobodies hate me.” In addition to being Creative Director of The DM, Nikki Lynette is a Chicago native who loves all things badass. She is a thriving indie recording artist whose music appears in tv shows, commercials, and film. Find her being offensive on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, and every other place where interneters be interneting.

Gillian RamosGillian Ramos Director of Operations for The DM- Gillian Ramos’ years of experience in project management helps keep The DM team on track. Known for her laid back style and easy laugh, Gillian has a love for lavish lifestyle and a great eye for recognizing emerging trends. She is on a mission to help cultivate The DM into a global lifestyle brand.

camiciaCamicia Bennett Editor of The DM – Founder of The Well Written Woman, Cam is a Florida Native and cerebral creature who loves her husband, yoga, red wine, potty humor, swearing superfluously and putting hats on her dog. If given her druthers she’d be surfing the web and writing randomness from someplace sunny and tropical whilst sipping her favorite vino. Find her tweeting incessantly or sharing slightly pretentious propaganda at her personal blog.

ryan beshelRyan Beshel Marketing Consultant – Formerly serving as Digital Marketing Lead for Purely Fashion, the first in-house publicist for the iconic 900 North Michigan Shops, and runway model agent for Agency Galatea, Ryan is frequently sought out to consult and support fashion brands and businesses. Keep up with his features on FOX, NBC, and ABC as well as in Women’s Wear Daily, Racked, and Refinery29 by following Ryan on Twitter.

Mika Kenyah Head of East Coast Operations – Born of Peruvian and African American heritage, Mika grew up in Yonkers, NY where her diverse environment led her to seek interests outside of the norm. Known for her experience hosting parties and appearances on numerous tv shows such as Cake Boss, Ink Masters, and Orange is the New Black, Mika’s company Sugar & Spikes works to cast alternative talent with tattoos and piercings for print, tv, and film.

neffer bio line picNeffer Kerr In House Editorial Contributor – “Pretty, Witty, and Downright Gritty!” Neffer is a freelance writer, visual and performance artist, mother, closet chef, and infidel slayer at the Anti-Ignorance League. Known as ‘Boom’ by her many friends and followers, she mastered the art of sarcasm and infuses it into her writing, with just a hint of compassion. She is also known to have a penchant for all things fabulous. Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter.

Keisha Howard In House Editorial Contributor –  Keisha has always been a closet nerd. A lifelong lover of video games, she founded Sugar Gamers to encourage female empowerment and camaraderie in the worlds of gaming, geek culture, and technology. Majoring in Psychology during her college years, she has developed the super human abilities of ninja communication. She also loves beer, bacon, and thigh high socks.

Kat DeJesus In House Editorial Contributor – A self taught makeup artist, Kat’s her expertise comes from hands on experience working for makeup brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC. In the 10+ years of experience working on music videos, commercials, fashion shows, Kat enjoys the creativity that is involved with bringing make-up looks to life. Her vibrancy and spunk brings such positive energy to any project she has the pleasure of working on.

amber_morrowAmber Morrow In House Editorial Contributor – With three North American tours under her belt, (for Monty Python’s Spamalot, The Color Purple, and Rock of Ages,) this Manhattan, NY based beauty guru provides insight from a professional makeup artist working on Broadway, sharing the tips and tricks that she’s learned along the way, products she loves, and of course her own personal work. Stay current on Amber’s adventures on her blog,

Tony Nikon In House Photographer – Tony is a self taught freelance photographer from Chicago, Illinois. He’s skilled in many different types of photography and enjoys exploring and experimenting with as many of them as he can. His work can be viewed on Behance and on Facebook.


Domenic Del Carmine In House Videographer – Domenic is an ambitious filmmaker hailing out of Waterbury, CT. He is currently attending Columbia College Chicago to study Film/Video. While enjoying the experience of community projects, he also enjoys creating his own, conceptualizing the visual from beginning to end. Find more information on Domenic and his work on Vimeo.

Ronald “Bandit23″ Richardson Head of East Coast Videography/Media – Bandit23 is a multimedia powerhouse. With over 272,000 followers on his various Vine pages, he has been attached to projects ranging from video editing for Glamour Magazine and to social media management for professional athletes. Known in Nee York his work as a videographer, you can also enjoy his comedic work on Vine where his popular videos garner thousands of views everyday.

Kelsey Stone In House Editorial Contributor – With an outspoken yet down-home personality, Kelsey Stone is the perpetual life of the party. He has always had an interest in music and entertainment but a chance college internship led him to develop a love for journalism. Kelsey loves writing about music, entertainment, fashion, and social justice and wants to use his words to spread positivity..

Taylor McElroy In House Editorial Contributor – Taylor is a 21 year old student, finding herself in the city lights of Chicago. She has a passion for lyrical rap, beautiful clothes, Mother Nature and anything that includes guacamole. Catch her at Columbia College Chicago or doing yoga next to Lake Michigan. Taylor is always down to vibe.

Tarrah Gibbons In House Editorial Contributor – Tarrah Gibbons is a broadcast journalism student that attends Columbia College Chicago. Originally from New York City, she is very excited for a new experience in Chicago. Her favorite things to do are writing, dancing, exercising, and going to museums.


Kenya Evans Special Contributor – Kenya has been a writer for as long as she could remember. A fashionista with a love of the arts, Kenya’s background in social justice inspires her to help make the world a better place, one written word at a time. When not writing, she can be seen on underground stages across Chicago as a tribal belly dancer and classical Indian dance student of Bharatnatyam.

Erin Richter In House Contributer/Social Media Maven – Erin, a college student living in downtown Chicago who drinks too much coffee and watches way too much television, is a lover of the arts and is always looking for good music to listen to. Her desire to stay current on what’s going on in the world and how cool content is shared led this music business major to an interest in the ever changing world of social media.

rachel_fairRachel Fair In House Editorial Contributor – Adopted Kansas Citian, Wannabe Cheetah Girl & Constant Wearer of Headphones. The two great loves of Rachel’s life are words and music. Finding solace in both, she is constantly making mixes and finding ways to tell stories through the sounds of others. When she’s not creating playlists, she’s writing here, blogging there, and tweeting in between.

Kitty Crystal Special Contributor – Kitty is a tatted-up New York based alternative model who’s images have appeared in tattoo oriented publications around the world. She is also tv personality, an artist, and a devout pit bull lover. Keep up with her published work and television appearances on Facebook or her website.

Kedo Doxi Special Contributor – Kedo loves to write. A lot. As an English major who has worked on various stories, novels, and poems, she has an undying love for all things unique including gothic lolita culture, martial arts, hairfalls, and pagan spirituality. She contributes articles about these interests to help raise awareness and make the taboo accessible.

Phoenix Alazam Special Contributor – Phoenix has been immersed in the world of wellness since childhood. Growing up in a vegetarian family, her love of healthy living led her to become a personal trainer. Her experience as a working model helps her tailor diet tips and workouts to the needs of those who aspire to achieve their best body and she believes that, with a little guidance and perseverance, anyone can be healthy and happy for life.

Dawveed Scully Special Contributor – Dawveed is a Architecture and Urban Design Professional who’s work in Conceptual and Schematic Design, 3D modeling, and Digital Fabrication leads to a fast paced life of globetrotting. Dawveed contributes content about his travels, sharing his experiences with those who love exploring the world as much as he does.

Jeannine Chanthanasinh Special Contributor – A featured writer from TheSevenology, Jeanine is an engineer & bartender by day and an amateur food critic by night. She is a major food enthusiast with a mean cooking game and an obsession for fine wines and olive oil. Jeanine is much more attracted to traveling the world and trying new foods than anything related to her 9 to 5. Keep up with her food lust via instagram or her blog.

Corey Holloway Special Contributor – Corey Holloway has been a sneaker collector all his life. His company, The Sneaker Movement, was created after he grew frustrated with not finding information on new releases in his shoe size (size 14) or getting overall knowledge about sneakers, their history, and how trends evolve over time. Corey writes from his uniquely well-informed perspective in the ever evolving world of sneaker collection.

shawngShawnG Special Contributor – ShawnG is a self taught artist from Brooklyn, NY. After being kicked out of college for inability to pay, she started painting sneakers for extra cash. This led her to form her Artparel and Painted Sneaker Business, ShawnG Originals, with her work being featured in outlets such as Free Candy Brooklyn, Urban Outfitters, TopShop SoHo, and more. Shawn contributes articles about street style, art, and all the beautiful things that catch her eye.

Ross McDarragh Egan Special Contributor – Currently living in Valencia, Spain, Ross loves to explore his new home and immerse himself in the culture. A lover of art and culture from around the word, this native of Midleton, Ireland aspires to travel the globe and experience all that life has to offer.