The DM strives to be the pinnacle source for emerging designers and avant-garde fashion brands.


By being part of our growing global network of independent and contemporary designers, our virtual showroom gives you the advantage of cutting out middle-men and provides you with a direct link between your brand and the eager customers, trendsetters and tastemakers, buyers, celebrities and media representatives looking for unique pieces.

Our online store gives you a flexible opportunity to sell your products and a way to increase your earnings.

You get 100% of your profits. We will not take any commission within the first 6 months of our launch, so act now!

We provide you with an integral medium to gain exposure in the fashion industry at no cost.

At The DM, we encourage you to have full control of your products and inventory. You have the convenience of shipping straight from your studio, giving you a hand in the global market.

The DM community is where designers can easily connect to industry professionals. Our established connections with fashion insiders, stylists, and various media have helped our designers evolve into established labels.

We pride ourselves on being a building block in the construction of amazing up-and-coming brands. If you are interested in selling your line on our site, email us with your brand story and a link to your latest lookbook.

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