aboutAbout The Direct Message:

Shop til you drop or read til you bleed.

The DM is not run by members of the media or online retailers. The team behind this shoppable magazine are an eclectic group of people with diverse points-of-view​, creating a new online ​environment to discover style and lifestyle content,​ without the fluff and hype you might find elsewhere. The DM brings you the direct message from tasteful folks just like you, from all over the world.

With a focus on what’s current and​ what’s coming, The DM is equal parts online publication and catalog. Shop til’ you drop or read til‘ you bleed… ​whatever inspires you today​. The DM aim​s​ to make the style of today – and tomorrow – accessible and relatable to all by making it easy to discover what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next. While some strive to stay on trend, we are driven by the passion to stay steps ​ahead.

Everyone is an influencer in their own way. The DM is here to connect you to brands, places, ​products ​and ideas that appeal to the tastemaker in you. You ​already know what’s hot and what’s not… we just take the guesswork out of finding it.

Keep it on The DM.